Saturday, 10 September 2011

The path of the Gopis

The path of the Gopis is called raganuga bhakti. Raganuga bhakti means loving Krishn with one of 4 relational feelings (bhao). The 4 bhao are called:

1) daysa bhao: loving Krishn as your master and you are His servant
2) sakhya bhao: loving Krishn as your friend
3) vatsalya bhao: loving Krishn as your son and you are His mother or father
4) madhurya bhao: loving Krishn as your beloved

Each one is progressively sweeter and closer. The sweetest and closest relationship you can have with Krishn is madhurya bhao. Someone who loves Krishn with madhurya bhao becomes a gopi after God realization. The different Saints are classified according to their relationship with Krishn. The gopis are considered the topmost Saints because their relationship is the closest of all. Any soul can become a gopi by loving Krishn as their Divine beloved. The process of heart purification through such raganuga bhakti in order to attain God realization is described in detail in our publications 'The Science of Devotion, Divine Love and Grace' and 'Prem Ras Siddhant'.

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